Proven Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Proven Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Here are ten habits that billionaires, high profile investors and high growth startup founders have in common.

1. They Read

If there is one thing that these successful professional seem to do more than anyone else, and perhaps anything else, it is to read. They consumer books with an incredible appetite. It seems the more successful they are, the more hours they dedicate to reading each day. This can’t just be coincidence. It’s worth making time to read real books. Try to make it a staple of your routine before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning. If you really can’t bring yourself to adopt this success habit, then at least check out these top 10 audiobooks for entrepreneurs.

2. Sleep

This may be both the most underestimated and most valuable success habit for entrepreneurs. Sleep impacts everything from health to how you feel and look as well as thinking and decision making abilities.

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Source: Forbes, Alejandro Cremades