The Best Times To Apply For Jobs

The Best Times To Apply For Jobs

Did you know that typically, the most favored months for job searching and hiring are January and February (as well as September and October). The popularity of January and February stems from the fact that numerous organizations synchronize their fiscal year with the calendar year.

Additionally, employees looking to change their jobs in the new year may start leaving their roles in December and hiring managers will be looking to fill those positions during the existing employee’s notice period.

This means the first couple of months of the year are the busiest for hiring and are the best time to look for vacancies and new opportunities.

There’s a similar rush from September through to October. Many companies will be ramping up for projects in the autumn season up to December. With the demand for new talent so high, they will also be looking to take advantage of the new pool of graduates from the previous year. These graduates may find the best results in September’s hiring season.

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